Being the Miss World photographer

As the official Miss World photographer for the Miss World competition my perception of a competition with girls parading around in bikinis wanting world peace was immediately challenged and I realised that I wanted to make a series of photographs that questioned the cliche, the stereotype, the assumption that so many have about Miss World. It turns out these women are determined, passionate, motivated, bright and an inspiration to youth around the world. Over four weeks during the winter of 2014 I photographed them dance with extraordinary agility, preform fitness tests and sports competitions at a professional level, debate against the sharpest young minds in the UK at the Oxford University Union hall on the concept and role of Miss World in the 21st century and finally keep a steady nerve as they prepared to enter a competition watched live by just short of a billion people. Add to this their vital 'beauty with a purpose' charity work making the difference to tens of thousands of lives and you begin to understand how much Miss World has changed from what it once was - Click view full edit with captions.